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Service Agreements

Just like any other appliances in the house, your heating and cooling system can also break down anytime of the year. Even with the best maintenance, the components can still wear and tear which leads to emergency system failure and inefficiency. HVAC emergencies often leave homeowners with poor comfort and empty-pocket. Luckily, by enrolling in our service agreements, you can prepare yourself for this unexpected scenario.

What do we offer in our service agreements?

Performance Tune-Up Twice a Year

Regular inspection is important to keep your heating and cooling system running at optimum performance. We keep in touch with your HVAC systems by scheduling a tune-up service twice a year. This way, we can detect issues like refrigerant leaks, loose or burnt wires, and other problems that can bring danger in operation. This is a great way to boost your savings as well.

Click here to view our performance tune-up checklist.

10% Off Replacement Parts

Enroll in our service agreement and enjoy 10% discount in replacement parts. Say for instance the cost of a blower motor replacement was 400$, we can give you 40$ off on the repair.

Labor Warranty

We offer 30 days labor warranty on all our labor services. If a problem arises 30 days after we performed a service in your home or commercial place, we will come back and diagnose the issue FREE OF CHARGE.

Energy Saving Coil Cleaning

The effects of dirty coils in the system’s operation are pretty alarming. Aside from giving real headaches on repairs and early system breakdown, you can also be faced with the tremendously high energy bill. Based on the studies done by the EPA, a 1/10th of a centimeter of dirt and dust accumulation in the coils can reduce the efficiency by 21%. This already makes a great difference in your savings.

5% Off New Unit Purchases

Whether it is time to replace your unit or you are in for a system upgrade, our service agreement will give you 5% off the complete installation of brand new units. Enroll now and find great savings ahead of you.

Contact us for more details about what we offer in our service agreement. We have just the right program that fits your needs.


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